Student Essay: A Latino Person That is Important to Me

by multilingualmania on October 26, 2011

in Student Writing Contest

Multilingual Mania Writing ContestOur second entry for our second annual student writing contest for Hispanic Heritage month is from Diana Vargas, a seventh grade student from Texas.

Do you admire a Latino person that has done something good for society? A person who you admire a lot, because he did or makes something that inspires you to follow each time that you fall, and that makes you feel proud of being a Latino? Well I’m sure you do, and I know that you also know that the Latinos that have developed a huge influence in America as well as other countries of the world. The population and culture of the United States continues to grow, and many Hispanics are starting to get an education and a good career. One good example of this is a person who sacrificed and worked very hard to make his dream become truth. Do you want to know the name of this person? Well I invite you to continue reading.

The person who I admire is a humble man. This person studied hard and worked hard in the fields to become what he wanted to be. His determination and courage encourages me to proceed and to have dreams in my life. This person is Jose Hernandez. This person has made an enormous impact on me, and helped me to realize what I want to be when I grow up. I want to follow his steps and try to go to the moon. Maybe I could participate in a significant discovery or find a cure for one of the illnesses that we have today. I would like to become an astronaut, and I know that I would make that dream become truth.

Why is this person important to me? Jose Hernandez is important to me, because I feel that his infancy was similar to the one that I had when I was younger. When Jose Hernandez was little, he and his family were very poor, and they had to work very tough every day in the fields picking up vegetables and fruits to have food in their table. They also could not have the pleasure to buy new clothes and shoes. Furthermore, they could not celebrate Christmas Eve with a big and delicious turkey on their table. Instead of that they had to wear old shoes, and eat a poor food. All of this is something real, something that happens to many families, and I feel motivated by his story and my story. I know that if he could do it I can do it and I can change my life and future.

How has this person made a contribution to the society? Well Hernandez is a person very dedicated to his job. He had worked for the NASA, and he had gone to special missions to the space. He also worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory of California. While there, he along with a commercial colleague developed the first full- field digital mammography imaging system ( 2011. This invention aids in the early detection of breast cancer and gives many people a chance to live.

It is clear that Jose Hernandez is a Latino that shows determination, responsibility, commitment and courage. Jose Hernandez person did not allow the barriers that he would face in his life prevent him from being successful (, 2011). I think that J. Hernandez is a wonderful example to follow to all the immigrants who came to “El pais de los suenos” (the dreams country). I think that if you put your mind in what you want to be, and you study hard the way Hernandez did, your dreams can become truth. It does not matter if you are poor and with a lot of barriers in your life. I’m proud of being a Latina and I’m proud of Jose Hernandez. He is a person who places in high the names of all the Latinos in the United States.

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