In April we uploaded a video of a Tim James, candidate running for Alabama governor who vowed to put an end to administering drivers’ tests in multiple languages. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the video, here’s a reminder:

In a previous post, I mentioned that what Tim James forgot to include in his message to voters was the part about how the state would lose billions in transportation funding provided by the federal government if such a law were to be instituted. Oh well, who the hell cares about that in the middle of a major recession, as long as we’re all speaking English-right??

Today I was searching online to see who won the governor’s race and I found a really cute parody of the Tim James video! And while this video was filmed with a tongue in cheek intent, I bet that these kind of people probably have these types of thoughts in their head:

Luckily Tim James is currently in third place in the gubernatorial race, but it’s not as if the candidate in first place, Bradley Byrne, is any more tolerant about multilingualism than James. In fact, I’m pretty sure that Byrne will be making his very own “I’m so insecure about any kind of diversity that I need to pick on immigrants and people who speak other languages” video in no time at all-right between the speeches that he’s making all over the state about how Alabama is being corrupted by all the drug cartels, crime and prostitution that those damn immigrants are bringing into this country!

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that Alabama’s main problems stem from those hard-working immigrants who come here to make a better life for their children (sarcastic snarl inserted here).

Hell, who needs to wear a white hood anymore in the deep south when you can just run for political office??

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