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by multilingualmania on July 29, 2010

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An important job responsibility that I have as a bilingual coordinator is that I oversee and coordinate the District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC), a committee of parents of English language learners. Although university and college requirements are not one of the state mandated topics that must be covered at DELAC meetings, parents frequently request information about preparation for the university, financial aid and scholarships for students to attend higher education institutions.

As educators who work with parents of English language learners who are often not proficient in English, it is imperative that we know as much as we can about university requirements and financial aid information, even if we teach students at the elementary level. It’s important that students and parents learn about college opportunities from the moment that they walk in the school door! However, it has been my experience that many educators are unable to answer even some basic questions that parents have about such topics.

Schoolscholarships.org is a great place to start online in order to brush up on important information about college grants, college scholarships and other information about higher education. The website also has a section on minority scholarships that are available to culturally and linguistically diverse students–a student population that all language educators work with! Although the website is in English, the information is highly useful to educators and also students at the middle and high school levels.

If as educators we aren’t educated about the opportunities that exist for students to receive funding to attend college and online universities, then students certainly will have limited access to the information! It’s very important that such information is provided to parents and students as early as possible in order for families to see that there are options and funding available to continue study after high school.

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