The Power of Being Bilingual

by multilingualmania on July 19, 2011

in Bilingualism


For me it’s an honor to be bilingual. Ever since I was young I loved the idea of being able to speak two languages and communicate with other people. Being bilingual has not only helped me in my family, but also in my community as I performed my community service hours for the Community Service program that we have at my school.

Being bilingual has helped me in my family because I have cousins, nieces and nephews who were born here in the United States and do not understand or speak Spanish. In order to communicate with them, I speak in English and I don’t have to worry about wanting to speak with them and not being able to as a result of a language barrier. Meanwhile I also talk with my aunts in Spanish, which gives me the opportunity to have better communication with my family.

While I completed my community service hours, my ability to speak two languages enriched my experienced because I helped many people who were unable to read or write. We worked with people who only spoke Spanish or English, and it was there that I noticed that it’s true that a bilingual person is worth two.

The ability to speak two languages is an honor for me. Thankfully, I am aware that I will be able to enrich my experiences throughout my entire life.

About the Author: Elizabeth Jimenez is a 17 year old student in the eleventh grade in San Francisco. She is proud of being bilingual. One day she hopes to be a bilingual teacher.

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