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by multilingualmania on October 4, 2010

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Today we’ve been perusing our archives in order to make sure that all of the links included in some of our old articles are still functioning. We know that we have some new readers who have joined our community and we wanted to highlight some of our readers’ favorite articles that we have featured in the past. Stay tuned as we continue to look through our archives–we will post some additional archived articles soon!

Seal of Biliteracy Awards: This article highlights the “Seal of Biliteracy”, which is a seal that many school districts are adopting to place on students’ diplomas. Read more about how you can institutionalize and validate bilingualism in your local schools!

The Benefits of Bilingualism: This article discusses the cognitive, social, economic and other benefits of bilingualism!

Critical Components of Effective Bilingual Programs: Our most popular and well-read article provides an overview of some of the critical components of effective bilingual programs. Make sure to also read the parent’s guide that is a companion to the article!

Bilingual Ed Saboteurs Need Not Apply: This article discusses the unfortunate phenomenon of certain bilingual educators who really have no business being bilingual educators.

Is Bilingual Education Against the Law in California?: Many people believe that bilingual education in California is “against the law”. This article provides an overview of California education code as it pertains to bilingual education and the parental exception waiver process to participate in bilingual programs.

Surefire Ways to Elevate the Status of Your Bilingual Program: This article provides tips as to how schools can increase the status of their bilingual education programs.

Why Should My Child Learn a Second Language? : This article provides reasons as to why it’s important for children to be taught a second (and even a third) language!

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