Student Essay #2: La Bonita Jovita

by multilingualmania on October 21, 2010

in Student Writing Contest

Our second student essay was written by John Anthony, a fourth grade student at Alianza Charter School in Watsonville, California. All entries will be posted “as is” without any revisions or editing by Multilingual Mania:

Jovita Molina is an important latina who has made a very significant impact on my school and on me. This latina is a wonderful librarian at my school that has contributed a lot to the students, the principal, the staff and the parents at Alianza Charter School in Watsonville, California.

Jovita is very important to me. First of all, she is my mom’s best friend and trusted colleague, and so I spend lots of time with her because she is always over at my house and I also see her at school every day. I really like spending time with her because she is a very smart, funny and bilingual latina in my life. I really like that she converts my name into the Mexican name, Juan Antonio. I am part Mexican and I feel proud when she speaks to me in Spanish and English.

Jovita has made a huge impact on my life. To begin with, she is a very good role model. She is very sympathetic and cares for students. She is also hard working. She maintains our library in order and organizes the “tiendita” for the students. She is a very kind woman who uses appropriate responses even when she feels frustrated (she doesn’t yell at people). Another way she impacts my life is that she does lots of things for me: she babysits me, loans me extra books in the library and recommends books to read. She also takes me cultural events, such as plays.

Jovita has also made significant contributions to my school and in society. As a librarian she reads to kids, sponsors a program called Reading Is Fundamental and she runs the Accelerated Reader program for our whole school. For Alianza families she gives parents opportunities to read in a book club and she also helps with the Latino Family Literacy program. Not only is she an energetic librarian but she is a talented musician and performing artist. Jovita has her own trio called Jopará where she is the lead singer. She acts in Teatro Campesino plays in San Juan Bautista, California and also participates in local productions, such as one that she’s in right now about famous Mexicanas.

As you can see, Jovita Molina has made a very big impact on my life and to society. She is a very special latina and I wish there could be more people like Jovita in our world.

Stay tuned for additional student entries that we will be posting soon!

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Monica October 21, 2010 at 9:03 pm

I love it! An excellent essay John Anthony! I love how you have chosen someone in your community who is obviously having a great impact on the people around her. Well written!

multilingualmania October 21, 2010 at 9:52 pm

Thank you for writing about an influential latina. I am so happy that kids have such a positive role model at their school!


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