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by multilingualmania on January 25, 2011

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IMG00106-20100105-1212We’re excited to tell you about our newest blog that we have created, called “Teach ELD”. The blog will feature best practices, resources and strategies for teaching English language development to English language learners. Teach ELD is a companion to our website, which also focuses on teaching English as a second language.

On we will focus mainly on second language acquisition as it applies to students who are learning English. However, much of what we cover will also apply to language learning in general, as well as general teaching and learning. Both teachers and parents will find much of the information useful for teaching English language learners, and most of the content can also be applied to children who are learning languages other than English as a second language.

The blog is new, and we will be uploading many features to it such as a teacher and parent forum, a question and answer section, pictures of effective strategies, and other interesting content. You will love it!!

Head on over there if you are interested, and friend us on facebook if you like what you see! Please help us spread the word to anyone who might be interested! Of course we would love it if you link to us on your blog or site!

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