Monolingual Meltdowns: Press One for English

by multilingualmania on July 12, 2010

in Anti-Bilingualism, Language in Society, Linguistic Discrimination, Racism

I was playing today on youtube and I found these little racist brat who had a monolingual meltdown. The little kid is so young, but he sounds just like a grumpy, racist old man. Apparently this little brat is upset because he sometimes has to press one for English, because you know how it goes-this is America for goodness sake!!

I guess no one bothered to tell this kid that we’ve got commonwealths such as Puerto Rico, etc where English is not the native language yet many people travel between Puerto Rico and the US mainland. Not to mention that the companies that many people are calling are international conglomerates with offices throughout the world, so it’s not as if only people from the United States are calling into some of the call centers.

Ah, you can’t reason with ignorant fools like this. His spill on the people who work at McDonald’s just goes to show that this is not so much about “speaking English”, but it’s just plain ole racism. What’s just so sad to me though is that kids at such a young age have already been socialized by some racist adult to spew this ignorance. Someone needs to spank this brat and his parents and knock some sense into them!

Update: The video has been taken down. I’ll fantasize in my head that it has something to do with us posting it here for your entertainment!!

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