"Let's Be Thankful"

by multilingualmania on November 26, 2009

in Bilingualism

The following video teaches the the song “Let’s Be Thankful” in American sign language. It brings back many memories for me as a child because I went to elementary school in a school that integrated deaf students into the general classroom and we learned a little bit of sign language from them. Sadly I have lost most of what I learned as a child, but I have always wanted to study sign language again.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful and grateful to all of the readers of my blog and other bloggers who are trying to create online multilingual communities. Have a wonderful day!!

Before you head off to do whatever you are going to do for Thanksgiving, you should head over to Spanglishbabyfinds.com and enter into the giveaway for the new Pat Mora book about Thanksgiving that they have!!

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