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by multilingualmania on December 9, 2009

in Literacy

Today I was looking through the internet at some of the various websites for public libraries. Many of the public libraries have excellent resources, free of charge! For example, one library had free online web-based tutoring, provided that it was accessed from the computers at the library. I’m sure that most people really aren’t familiar with all of the free resources that public libraries have to offer. Today was actually the first day that I have really looked over the events calendars at many of the local libraries in Southern California.

One of the newest technology resources that I have been highly entertained with this evening is the “Tumblebook Library”. The “Tumblebook Library” is an online collection of books that have been animated and digitalized. The library has animated version of stories in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, and Russian. There aren’t too many books in languages other than English, but it looks like the site is slowly growing and I bet that there will be additional books soon!

In addition to the animated books in multiple languages, there are also games, puzzles, quizzes and activities that can be integrated with many of the digital books. The site also includes some audio books that children can listen to online, as well as “Tumblereadables”, which is a book or text that is read aloud to children and the sentences or words that are read aloud to students are highlighted for kids to see.

At first I thought that some of the books would be really silly books, but they actually have some interesting and popular books. I even found my very own favorite fairy tale, “The Paper Bag Princess”. I personally enjoyed looking at some of the animation as well as listening to some of the narrators reading the books aloud!

You can access the “Tumblebook Library” by clicking here. Apparently the site is not free if you don’t access it from a library website, so you will need to click here and then click again on the blue flashing “Click here for Tumblebooks” button that is in the middle of the page. What a great deal-the libraries are paying for these resources for our communities!

In the meantime, visit the websites of your local libraries and check out what resources they are offering!

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