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by multilingualmania on October 31, 2011

in Bilingualism

This month we hosted a contest for a logo for the Multilingual Mania blog. To date we received a total of 29 submissions for the blog header and logo design. We are at a loss at this point of which one to pick because we want all of them! We really value your feedback, so we wanted to show you the top ten picks that we have chosen, and hear your feedback about your favorite design!

You can see the top ten picks that we chose and can vote on our logo design poll by clicking here. Please keep in mind that we can ask the designer to make changes to it if you like the design but not the color scheme. You can also leave your comments and feedback if you have any suggestions. We will have this logo poll up for the next few days, and then we will chose our final design.

UPDATE: Thanks for everyone’s feedback. We took our top ranking design that readers voted on, and asked the designer to make a few slight revisions. Please help us vote on our final logo by clicking here.

Thanks for helping us out! We will let you know soon which we pick!

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