Happy New Year!

by multilingualmania on January 1, 2010

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I’ve been on a lovely vacation and haven’t been blogging much, but we’ll be back in no time at all after the holiday weekend! I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year! Happy new year!

While I am still on vacation, I wanted to let you know about a couple of projects that I was working on before I went on vacation:

Since English language development is an important component to all bilingual programs, I’ve been working on a website ELDStrategies.com, which is going to be exclusively designed for English language development. I’ve got big plans for the site and am really excited about it!!

The site will mainly be designed for teachers who are teaching English language learners, but much of the site will also be applicable to parents who are raising second language learners because I am going to have different sections. Head on over there and check it out when you get a chance, and I would greatly appreciate your feedback. I have an online feedback form that you can submit your comments and/or suggestions, or you can just leave a comment for me here!

In addition, I’ve published a couple of articles about English language development (ELD)/second language development. Check them out when you get a chance!

What is SIOP?

What is Project GLAD?

Principles of Effective Vocabulary Development

See you after the weekend! Happy New Year!

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