Happy 2nd Birthday, Multilingual Mania!

by multilingualmania on March 31, 2011

in Advocacy

Birthday Cake

Happy birthday to us!
Happy to us!
Happy birthday, dear us,
happy birthday to us!

We can hardly believe that we blinked for a minute this week and totally missed our second birthday here at Multilingual Mania! Although we are four days past our two-year birthday, we are still happy as heck that we finally have made it this far!

Our blog was originally started by our founder Melanie on March 27, 2011 in an effort to vent about the difficulties associated with advocating for bilingual programs. She was more than shocked to discover that a quickly growing community of multilingual advocates and language-related blogs was blooming online!!

Multilingual Mania has had its ups, downs and growing pains over the past few years. It took a while for our original founder to realize that the demands of a full-time job is sometimes too much when also trying to keep up with the demand of a rapidly growing language blog. As readership steadily increases, Multilingual Mania has recently acquired a new co-editor as well as a growing team of frequent contributors!

Over the next few months we will be diversifying, consolidating, re-designing and working hard to expand our online reach in order to spread a positive message about multilingualism and multilingual education! We have some interesting things planned ahead and we appreciate so much that you will be along for the ride!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Multilingual Mania!

About the Multilingual Mania Team:

Melanie McGrath is the founder and co-editor of Multilingual Mania. Melanie is currently an administrator of bilingual education programs and a tireless advocate for multilingual and multicultural education. Melanie can also be found writing about bilingualism and second language acquisition on Spanglishbaby and ELDStrategies.com.

Anarela Mondragón recently joined the Multilingual Mania team as co-editor in March of 2011. Anarela is an educator and writer who specializes in bilingualism, politics, literature, race/ethnicity, and feminism. You can also find Anarela blogging at Latina Fatale.

Rachael Kay Albers is a freelance writer, English teacher, and theater facilitator working to educate and empower indigenous women in Central America. In her spare time, she loves to maintain and improve her bilingualism by reading novels and watching movies in Spanish.

Gerald Zhang-Schmidt is an independent scholar with a background in ecology and cultural anthropology, writing about his interests at www.positive-ecology.org, www.beyond-eco.org and www.chilicult.com. He hails from Austria, and currently works as German lecturer in China. During his career, he has learned something of nine languages and forgotten much of it again.

Vincent Dersanga writes from an Asian perspective and endures the reality of composing sentences which require him to be linguistically vigilant. It is his hope there exists the slightest semblance of mercy to grant his writings a sliver of reading time and alms of thoughtful intent.

Timothy CM Heng is a freelance writer who spends most his time writing for charities, surfing Facebook for business opportunities, and getting lost in his own dream world. Not content with having an imaginary friend, he has eleven.

If you would like to join the Multilingual Mania team as a frequent contributor or contribute an occasional guest post, please send an email of interest to us at multilingualmania(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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