Give Yourself the Gift of “Me Time” for Mother’s Day

by multilingualmania on May 8, 2011

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On an every day basis, mothers all around the world give all of themselves to their children, and rarely take any time out to nurture themselves. Multilingual mamas have a double duty- all of the typical responsibilities that motherhood entails, while at the same time constantly putting in the dedication, energy and effort required to raise multilingual and multicultural children. This mother’s day, make a commitment to yourself to take some “me time” in order to avoid burnout. Find someone to care for your children for a few hours and do one of the following tips to help you replenish, relax and recharge:

Pamper Yourself
Make an appointment to get a pedicure, manicure, facial or a massage. Paint your own toenails and put on a facial mask at home. Relax in a warm bath with soft music and aromatic candles. Whatever it is that makes you feel pampered….do it!

Get Active
Go on a long and quiet walk around your neighborhood or in an area with a great view. Find a local gym or yoga studio and join in on a yoga class. Take your favorite dog on a walk. Put on your favorite music in the house and dance up a storm. Move that body to produce energy!

Spend Quality Time With Friends
Organize a “girl’s day out” or a “girl’s night out” with your favorite girlfriend(s). Make an appointment for lunch or dinner, shopping, or a fun movie. Invite them to pamper themselves or be active with you. Schedule a time with your favorite friend to catch up over the telephone with no distractions. Reconnect with the female spirit!

Spend Quality Time Alone
Curl up on the couch with a warm cup of tea and read that book that you’ve been meaning to get to. Rent a movie to watch alone, or watch your favorite television shows that you rarely get to watch. Write in your journal. Meditate and be still. Take quiet time to focus on yourself!

If you have a hard time finding someone to watch your children, try to put them to sleep early one night so that you can take time out for yourself. Although it’s commendable that you make sacrifices for your children on an every day basis, it’s hard to give to other people when you are not taking care of yourself. Nurture yourself every once in a while!

Happy Mother’s Day! How do you plan on gifting yourself with “me time” this week?

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