Essay #20: Personal Statement

by multilingualmania on October 27, 2010

in Student Writing Contest

Our twentieth student essay was written by Christian Umana, a twelfth grade student in Culver City, California. As a reminder, all entries will be posted “as is” without any revisions or editing by Multilingual Mania:

There comes a point in every person’s life when they will have to confront a predicament; from it, they grow and take that experience and apply it to real life. These life changing situations in some cases sculpts a person into what he/she is. My personal conflict was not being able to maintain a relationship with him. I have never had a relationship with him, and his absence has made a major impact on my life.

Seeing my friends enjoy every moment they spent with their dads made me drown in my own misery. When my brother noticed that I was in great despair and not knowing anything about my father, he decided to tell me the background of my mother and father’s relationship. They both attended Culver City High School, and the love they shared for one another was unconditional. When my mother became pregnant, she decided not to abort and my father decided to stay by her side.

Even though the day of my brother’s birth was my mother’s happiest moment, it became the turning point of their relationship. My father became abusive and developed an alcohol addiction, and my mother knew if she stayed, somebody would eventually get hurt. One day while he was asleep, she decided to pack her belongings and move to my grandma’s house. My father was never heard from again.

After hearing this, my ambition to meet my father escalated. I looked into my mother’s phone book, hoping I could find something, anything! While flipping through her pages relentlessly, I was hoping that he knew of me. When I found his number, my mind went into a state of perplexity, but I picked up the phone and called him. As the phone rang, I wondered what I would say, and then surprisingly I heard a voice. He answered, “…Hello?” The only words that came out of my mouth were, “Hi…dad it’s me your son…Christian”.

As I was waiting for his response, he said, “Sorry…wrong number…I do not have a son”. When the phone call got disconnected, my mind was filled with darkness and utter silence. The dilemma could have either diminished me or changed me, depending on how I approached the situation. I used this confrontation to my advantage by forcing myself to realize that the support from my family members was good enough to replace what my father could not do, which was to be a part of my life.

Ever since that day, I thank him for his absence, because it was the day I became a man, I became independent, making me realize all the achievements I have accomplished, such as: running in the Los Angeles Marathon, taking care of my brother who is diagnosed with autism, playing club soccer, being a coach for a little league, being captain of the Varsity High School Soccer Team, being the only freshmen to go to the State Playoff’s, and finishing high school; all done without my father. Not many people know this story because the ones who do know are sympathetic. Dealing with that predicament made me want to go above and beyond to show him what he could have been a part of. My father’s absence provided me the ambition to achieve and to never give up. Therefore regardless of his absence, I stand strong and work hard to achieve my goals.

This entry concludes our contest! Stay tuned for the voting!

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