Essay #13: My Mom is the Best in the World

by multilingualmania on October 27, 2010

in Student Writing Contest

Our thirteenth student essay was written by Irvin Ramirez, a fifth grade student at Calmeca Academy for the Fine Arts and Dual Language in Chicago, Illinois. As a reminder, all entries will be posted “as is” without any revisions or editing by Multilingual Mania:

She keeps her promises

My mom keeps her promises because if she says something she will keep her promise. Only if she has money because working here is hard sometimes. One time she promised me that she would buy me a new video game that is called NEED FOR SPEED PRO RACER. This game is about racing and you get to built you own car for racing. This game is cool for kids that like racing because it is really fun. Another time she promised me that she is going to buy me things for school. For instance she bought me a new book bag and it came with folders, notebooks, pencils, markers, and crayons. Another time she bought me and my little brother an X-BOX 360 and me and my brother were really really happy. Because it was fun to play ARMY OF TWO and GEARS OF WAR. That is my mom keeping promises.

My mom loves me

My mom loves me a lot because she cares about me. One time I was in a fight with my older brother. My mom told him to not fight with me no more. So I have forgiven him and we started to be good brothers again. On Tuesday I played with him street fighter 4 with him and he kept on beating me. My mom loves me a lot because she bought me an X-BOX 360 that came with two nice games and were cool. I liked them a lot because it came out from love from my mom. They were really cool I liked It and I will recommend it to people who like nice games. She bought me it for my birthday and I was so happy that my whole family was there to celebrate with me for my birthday I had so much fun that I played the X-BOX 360 the whole day until the night I had so much fun.

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