Essay #12: My Brother

by multilingualmania on October 27, 2010

in Student Writing Contest

Our twelfth student essay was written by Alberto Rosales, a fifth grade student at Calmeca Academy for the Fine Arts and Dual Language in Chicago, Illinois. As a reminder, all entries will be posted “as is” without any revisions or editing by Multilingual Mania:

My brother is important because he helps me by carrying heavy stuff, talking to people who bother me, and doing chores. Also he is funny when we were playing Halo Reach and he said. “Hey I got a shotgun.”He said and I said. “Cool.” He said. “I got an ugly gun.” So he shoots me and he says. “O.M.G, you’re ugly.” Man…that may be funny but not for me. Also my brother will always help me with my homework, and also when he wants the controller from the TV he will squish me or throw at the couch. One time we went outside to the pool he said. I’m the shark you’re the human. “Oh no.” I said. So I was swimming as fast as I can after a while he will got tired so, after an hour he got tired and there was little world pool so he was floating and moving. One day we were watching a scary movie and there was scary part and my brother was trying to hold my eyes so I could wet my pants also after a while I wet my pants. Also one day me and my bro were playing soccer so when my brother kicked the ball, it hurt so bad I lost my soccer ball for a week. So even though he is mean to me he is the best brother in the world. So that’s why I picked him as my important person because I want to be just like him.
The End!
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