New Film: Immersion

by multilingualmania on June 22, 2009

in Bilingual Education, English Learners, Movies

The new short film “Immersion” is up on youtube. Oh, my poor little heart is breaking for the poor student who doesn’t know English. This is so realistic in that teachers sometimes think that after Prop 227 (i.e., anti-bilingual education initiative in California) teachers aren’t aloud to provide any primary language instruction. It’s also really unfortunate that even the Spanish-speaking teacher didn’t want to help the student; believe me, I’ve seen my share of too many Spanish-speaking teachers not helping English learners. Here is the video:

P.S. Why couldn’t the student use the Spanish-English dictionary?? It’s not like he’s taking the SAT test or something. It’s so demoralizing that assessments are being used in such a high-stakes manner.

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