Bilingualism in the News: Recommended Reading 3/6/2010

by multilingualmania on March 6, 2010

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Desire to Learn Russian Heating Up Again: Russian reemerges as an important language to learn. Russian is considered to be a “national security language”.

LA’s Little Tokyo Looks to Save Struggling Newspaper: A century old Japanese community newspaper is in peril of shutting down.

Tahoe Parents Introduced to Kings Beach Two-Way Immersion Program: Tons of parents show up for a meeting and orientation about the Dual Immersion program. Too bad such an orientation wasn’t given to parent prior to starting the program?!

Paramedics Hail Hero Boy  Who Translated For Injured After Deadly Arizona Bus Crash: A fourth grade boy was given an award by firefighters and paramedics after assisting with translation for passengers injured in a deadly accident.

Sign Language Has Babies Talking: Sign language classes for babies and parents teach kids to communicate at a younger age.

School’s in Class By Itself: A school in Brooklyn plans to teach Spanish, French, and English.

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