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by multilingualmania on March 29, 2010

in Bilingual Ed 101

We’ll be starting a weekly series called Bilingual Education 101 that will provide information about various forms of bilingual education and frequently asked questions associated with bilingual ed. To kick off this series, we dug into our archives for some informational posts that we have already created about bilingual education. If you haven’t read these posts already, check them out:

Language Programs in California for English Learners: A brief overview of the various programs: English language Mainstream, structured English immersion (SEI), transitional bilingual education, developmental maintenance bilingual education, and Dual Immersion.

Is Bilingual Education Against the Law in California?: Outlines California education code and the stipulations for parental exception waivers that are to be instituted after Proposition 227 for parents who would like their children to participate in a bilingual program.

Initial Identification and Assessment of Bilingual Learners: Discusses the process that students are identified as bilingual learners in the public school system, and provides an overview of the first and second language assessments that students are provided.

Can Schools Force a Child to Stay in a Bilingual Program?: Discusses the misconception that students are arbitrarily placed in bilingual programs or are not allowed to exit from bilingual programs.

How Do You Get a BCLAD Credential?: Discusses the options for getting a bilingual teaching credential in the state of California.

Critical Components of Effective Bilingual Programs: Provides an overview of five essential characteristics of effective bilingual education programs.

A Parent’s Guide to the Critical Components of Effective Bilingual Programs: Takes a look at the five essential characteristics outlined in the “Critical Components of Effective Bilingual Programs” through the lens of parents.

Stay tuned for additional articles next week!!

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