All She Wants for Christmas Is Her Own Kindle

by multilingualmania on December 7, 2010

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Amazon Kindle PDFOkay, that’s it! I’m caving in to the pressure. I’ve been holding out for years, one of those die-hard “regular books” type of people who have refused to purchase a book in any type of electronic format because I enjoy the tradition of feeling the pages of a book pass through my fingers.

I’ve complained over the years that I have far too many books. They are piled up all around the house, busting out of bookshelves, piled on tables and the floor, and packed away in boxes that I keep meaning to give away. And half of them haven’t even been read yet because I just oh so love to buy books and then I can’t keep up with all of them because another new book distracts me. One of the main reasons that my boyfriend cites as not wanting to move in with me yet is due to all of those darn books.

I wish I could take a picture and show you all of the books, but I am currently out of town. And I’m also embarrassed to admit that I have so many books laying around. Instead of the infamous old lady with 100 cats, I’ll be one day probably known as the little old lady with the million books in her house.

This week I am attending a conference in another city, and sure enough I love to take a couple of books with me to read on the plane and in my hotel room throughout the week. However, this week was different, and while running to catch my shuttle at the airport I suddenly realized that I am sick and tired of pulling luggage that is too heavy because it’s filled with tons of books.

“Melanie, you are too damn old for this nonsense. Get with the program, and get yourself a kindle for Christmas!” I screamed to myself as the shuttle rushed me off to the hotel. It put the icing on the cake for me when the shuttle driver asked me why my computer bag was so heavy when he unloaded it from the car.

Oh, I know some of you will tell me, “No, don’t get a kindle, get an ipad because they have so much more capability”. And while I appreciate your more technologically advanced advice, I think that I will first take baby steps with purchasing a kindle electronic reader first because I’m still a stubborn mule who continues to be resistant to anything other than a regular paperback book.

Truthfully, I’m afraid that books as I’ve always known and loved them will one day disappear. I am afraid that the bookstores that I love to frequent and the libraries that I grew up in as a child will also disappear. I’m afraid that my eyes will hurt from reading something online. I’m terrified my own children will never have the experience of sitting on my lap and having the opportunity to help me turn the pages of a picture book as I read aloud to them. And I’ll admit that nothing makes me feel more comforted than being in a room surrounded by a bunch of books.

But something deep inside tells me that my fears and paranoia over the extinction of real books is unwarranted. Or maybe I will even learn to prefer ebooks, just as I now prefer to skip through all the commercials on the DVR recorder on my television that I refused to get for years-you know, the one I can’t even imagine living without now?

Having a major book addiction isn’t cheap, and after a while it ends up taking a chunk out of the pocketbook that could be used for something like, say…traveling the world. As I’ve been looking online I noticed that many of the electronic kindle books are much cheaper than their paperback counterparts, and I also noticed that promotional downloads that can be downloaded for free that I might be interested in, such as:

Not to mention that there are tons of other resources for free ebooks, which I will be exploring further once I get my kindle soon and start playing with it!

If you are a technophobe like myself as well as a book hoarder, I suggest that you get with the program and upgrade to a kindle also! It appears to me that the cost of buying it will be reimbursed with the lower cost of some books as well as the free promotional offers of ebooks that they have. There are tons of books in languages other than English, and I can imagine that it would be beneficial to people who would like to immediately download books in another language and not have to pay the cost of shipping.

Stay tuned for my new adventures once I get that kindle in my hands!

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yadira January 6, 2011 at 11:04 pm

You will not regret it. Your kindle will hold all those books you have sitting around your house. You are a typical Digital Immigrant – but come on, learn the language. It’s easy and you will ben hooked. I have it on my IPad and it makes reading, highlighting and looking up words so much easier.

multilingualmania January 6, 2011 at 11:39 pm

Yari!!!! When are you gonna get me that bio!? I will email you.

I got it, I love it and I can’t live without it now!

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